Secret of Content Creation Consistency

In my post entitled 3 Equations That Control Your Destiny, I mentioned a book called The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber.  In that book he categorizes people into Technicians, Managers, and Entrepreneurs.  Today, I’m going to take this concept in a new direction, so I’m going to refer to these groups from here on out as Craftsmen, Coaches, and Captains.

In my professional career, I have been an capable Craftsman, a passible Coach, and an excellent Captain.  I enjoy practicing my craft.  I still design things on a regular basis to keep my skills sharp, but also because it’s fun.  Being a Craftsman challenges me to constantly improve and remain up to date on the latest technical innovations.

Coaching is the most difficult of the three for me.  I struggle to stay engaged with the numbers, schedules, and details.  I’m extremely introverted, so directing people is exhausting and I’m not swift with numbers, so accounting drives me crazy.  Coaching is something I do when I have to, but leave to others who are more capable as often as I can.  My wife is a fantastic coach.

If I had to choose one of these personas to call my own, it would be that of Captain.  I see the big picture first and then break it down to smaller pieces.  I am decisive  when it comes to problem-solving and I cast vision well to others.  This is why I find my greatest enjoyment in helping others to excel at what they do.  When my clients succeed, I feel like I’ve succeeded.

You may find yourself most at home in one of these categories, but, if you’ve spent any significant time in the workplace, I’m sure you’ve had to function in all three.  Your company may be a one-person organization right now.  If so, you’re having to be Craftsman, Coach, and Captain all at the same time.

Well, today we’ll be focusing on the Craftsman in you, because I’m sharing 3 Keys to Consistency.  If you remember from the post series, Why Your Competitors Are Killing You Online, I gave you a formula for online success.

Quantity of Content + Quality of Content x Consistency of Publishing = Web Success

I’ve shared several articles about Quantity and Quality of content, so now it’s time to discuss Consistency of Publishing.

3 Keys to Consistency

Consistency is all about craftsmanship.  The secret is a strong work ethic and self-discipline.  The company relies on its Craftsmen to make and deliver its product.  Without these skilled producers, there is no one to Coach or Captain.  Remember the Craftsman’s equation:

Time + Talent = Treasure


Prioritizing has to do with the Craftsman’s allotment of time and talent.  We all know that there are only so many hours in a work day or week.  This means that some tasks are more important than others and need to be treated that way.  And even if the priorities are set by management, the craftsman has to be willing work within them.

When it comes to creating website content, prioritizing is what keeps distractions at bay.  If you are going to consistently create, you have to set aside the time and prioritize it.  I start my days with content creation, because I’m freshest and most productive in the morning.  In fact, I try not to let anything interrupt my content creation time even if that means locking my office door or working offsite in a coffee house.

I’ve heard many business people say that nothing happens until someone sells something.  In my opinion, you can’t sell something until it’s made.  The very foundation of a company is its craftsmanship and proper prioritizing is essential to consistently crafting an excellent product.


Producing has to do with the Craftsman’s application of time and talent.  Once the priority issue is settled, the craftsman must move on to production.  This is where he or she applies the skills necessary to bring the product to life.  All of the prioritization in the world is useless planning if nothing is produced.

For my content creation, production is simply a matter if putting my rear end in the chair and cranking it out.

There’s nothing for it, Mr. Frodo

It just has to get done.  No one else can or will do it for me.  I dreamt this thing and now I need to do it.  I’m sure your situation is very similar.  If you want to be successful, you have to be consistent.  If you’re going to be consistent, you have to suck it up and produce.


Persisting has to do with the Craftsman’s assurance of time and talent.  Remember that craftsmen prefer to trade their time and talent for treasure.  However, the treasure they seek is not merely monetary.  Craftsmen need a perceived sense of security.  They want to know that the company values their contribution and is committed to a long-term relationship with them.

Craftsmen are in the business of accumulating treasure.  Therefore, any thought of having to invest their treasure in a venture without a guarantee of stability makes them anxious.  And anxious craftsmen will not fully apply themselves.

Don’t rush me, Sonny.  You rush a miracle man you get rotten miracles – Miracle Max (The Princess Bride)

When the craftsmen in you grows anxious, remind yourself that, as a business owner, your security is in your hands and nobody cares more about your success than you do.  If you are the coach of craftsmen, work hard to appreciate and reassure them at every turn.  Guard their perceived security against the risky behavior of the Captain.  Let them know that, as long as they keep rowing, the ship will hold together and the voyage will be a success.

As far as content creation goes, you simply need to find a way to press on through the distractions and the set-backs.  Everybody has a tough inning in the field now and then.  Nothing eases the pain of an error like a solid base hit.  When you get stuck or knocked down, don’t overthink it.  Just get back up!  One more time, get back up and write another post.

By the way, thanks for reading another post.  I mean that, because if you didn’t read these things, I’d just be talking to myself.  You can do this!  Whether you’re a craftsman, a coach, a captain, or all three at once, you can do this!  And I’m happy to be along for the ride.

How do you maintain consistency in your publishing?  What tools do you use to push past the obstacles and get the job done?  Share a comment and let’s talk about it.

3 Keys to Content Creation Consistency
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3 Keys to Content Creation Consistency
Content Creation Consistency is all about craftsmanship. A company relies on its Craftsmen to make and deliver its product. Learn how to care for them.
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