Remember your first lemonade stand or paper route, lawn mowing or baby-sitting business?  You probably started out with just one product or service.  Lemonade $0.25, right?  

But then you came across some industrious Girl Scouts and realized that you could sell those cookies too – with the lemonade.  

And those of you who are true entrepreneurs (like Gary Vaynerchuk) eventually figured out that you could make more money if you paid your friends a little bit to run stands of their own and share the profits.

Leverage Your Levels

The point is that businesses rarely have just one level of offering. The entry level stuff pretty much sells itself.  Its the subscription, the membership, the upgrade, and the resell that require the finesse of the sales professional.  

But what if your entry offers aren’t selling themselves?  That’s when you have sales pros hocking lemonade and cookies when they should be selling franchises.

Create Conversion

Luckily, we can help with this too.  It’s called Conversion Optimization.  We simply take your automated marketing efforts and develop them to where they sell your entry level stuff for you.

Then we add a layer of nuturing communication to continually provide value and enrich your customer relationships.

This frees up your sales people to close the bigger deals that propel your company forward to new opportunities.

Using eCommerce, social media, your email, and your website, you can get your customers over the buying hump and earn their trust at the same time.  

By delivering a solid purchasing experience over a series of smaller offers, you will earn the opportunity to present the bigger ones.

Speaking of conversion, why don’t you just convert that form down there into a request for more information?  We’ll tell you whatever you want to know, and you don’t even have to like us.

But you probably will.

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