Just the Facts

The most common question that I get from people when I talk about Digital Marketing and Content Creation is:

C’mon, Man.  Does this stuff really work?  I mean it sounds good and all, but does it really bring people to your site?

Well, the easy answer is, “Yes, of course it works.  I wouldn’t do it if it didn’t.”  Look, I make my living helping companies market their stuff online.  I don’t have time for things that don’t work.  But, at the same time, I realize that telling you this stuff works may not be enough.

So, this is the first in a series that I will post monthly called “Just the Facts.”  In these posts I will show you the actual numbers and real evidence of how my methods work.  By doing this I will prove two things:

1) This isn’t just talk.  I actually do this stuff every day to make a living.

2) What I write is true and what I do really does work.

Now, down to business.  These “Just the Facts” posts will be shorter that normal posts.  I will share my current traffic stats and social media data.  I will also tell you if I’ve paid for any traffic and what the results of the campaign were.

These are pure, unadulterated facts, so sometimes they may look impressive and sometimes they show me struggle a bit. However, I will guarantee that they are the real deal.  After all, I am just as human as you are and subject to the same distractions, disruptions, and set-backs.  So here goes:

Current Traffic Stats Over the Last 28 Days Straight from Google Analytics

Overall Traffic Stats

  • Total Visits = 455
  • New Visitors = 308
  • Returning Visitors = 68
  • Page Views = 843
  • Average Time on Site = 3:05

Traffic Sources

  • Direct Traffic = 273
  • Referral Traffic = 182
  • Referral Sources
    • LinkedIn
    • Reddit
    • Google
    • Google+
    • StumbleUpon
    • Facebook
  • Top 10 Cities
    • Cincinnati
    • Beverly Hills
    • Fairfield
    • Sydney
    • Dayton
    • New York
    • Seaside
    • Dallas
    • Sao Paulo
    • Xenia
  • Top 10 Countries
    • United States
    • United Kingdom
    • Australia
    • Canada
    • Brazil
    • India
    • Nigeria
    • Cyprus
    • Germany
    • Mexico
  • Desktop vs. Mobile
    • Desktop = 335
    • Mobile = 79
    • Tablet = 41

Social Media Sites

  • LinkedIn
    • Profiles = 1 Personal, 2 Company Pages, 16 Groups
    • Followers = 11 followers to Company Pages, 219 Personal Connections
  • Reddit
    • Profiles = 1 Personal
  • Google+
    • Profiles = 1 Personal, 1 Company, 30 Groups
    • Followers = 13 followers to Company Page, 12 Personal followers
  • StumbleUpon
    • Profiles = 1 Company Profile
  • Facebook
    • Profiles = 1 Personal, 1 Company Page
    • Followers = 66 Like on Company Page, 312 Personal Friends

Publishing Schedule = 3 Times Per Week

Average Article Length = 1000 Words

Paid Traffic Sources = None

That wraps up my first “Just the Facts” report.  I look forward to doing this again next month with bigger numbers and more growth.

Bonus:  My Total Traffic for the month of April was 26 visits.  That’s right.  My traffic grew from 26 visits per month to 455 visits per month in under 60 days.  Believe me, this stuff really works!

Do these results surprise you?  What results have you experienced in your efforts to draw traffic to your site?

Just the Facts - Real Results of My Methods
Article Name
Just the Facts - Real Results of My Methods
This is a monthly post called "Just the Facts." Here I'll show you the actual numbers and real evidence of how my content creation methods work.
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