Marketing Help

If you own a small business, chances are that you are an expert at what you do. However, if your business isn’t marketing, chances are that you’re going to need some help.  Marketing is the process of positioning your product or service so that people who want and/or need it will buy it.  The principle is simple to understand but the practice can be maddeningly complicated.  This is why you need a marketing strategy to keep your marketing efforts on track over the course of an extended period of time.

A well-balanced marketing strategy consists of two key elements: Attraction and Retention.  The first goal of any marketing effort is to attract new customers.  This is where your branding efforts are critical.  The more compelling, consistent, and frequent your message is, the more it will attract the attention of potential buyers.  This is also where advertising first comes into play along with your social media efforts, search engine optimization, and the quality of your web content.  Combine all this with your print materials, signage, and promotional items and the idea is to get you found.

The second element of a solid marketing strategy is retention.  Once you have attracted and served a customer, you must work to hold on to him or her.  This is where your website content, special promotions, members benefits, and referral bonuses combine to ensure that you receive your customers’ repeat business.  Social media management, website management, blogging, and ongoing product creation work together to create a solid foundation for your retention efforts.

We understand marketing strategy because we do it every day in our own business.  Years of marketing experience set Two Creative Design Group apart from other web builders.  You need more than a tricked out template.  You need a site that fits in with your marketing strategy and works for you as your company grows.  We would love to help you with that!

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