Happy Page One of Google Day!

Page One of Google | Two Creative Design GroupOne of my favorite things to do here at Two Creative Design Group is to celebrate Page One Day with new clients!  What is Page One Day?  It’s the day when a client ranks on Page One of Google for their name.  All of us who have websites think about how cool it would be to search our company name and see your website pop up on the very first page of the largest search engine on planet Earth.  That’s why we make a big deal about it.  After all, there’s only ten spots on that page and being part of the world’s top ten anything is an accomplishment.

Today we are celebrating with Human Resource Pros.  We launched their site just two months ago and today they are at number 5 on page one of Google!  I have truly enjoyed working with these classy ladies, and let me tell you, they know their stuff.  “One of the keys to ranking so quickly has to be that we developed an extremely clear focus from the very beginning,” said Tina Harlow, owner of Human Resource Pros.  “We knew precisely what we wanted to be and to accomplish.  That made it easy to go after it with everything we had.”

I give Tina and her staff a ton of credit.  They have given their business a champion effort from day one.  They are disciplined in their daily work and they follow one of the most targeted, well-crafted mission statements I’ve ever read.  So, today Two Creative Design Group salutes Human Resource Pros as we look forward to many years of working together.  If you see them, wish them a Happy Page One Day!

Page One of Google | Two Creative Design Group


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