OK, when I write, I tend to walk around with the ideas percolating for a long time and then sit down and write in explosive, complete documents….kind of like the effect in my bowels while eating all the fiber and drinking all the water on my diet-type thing.  Too much information?  Too bad…the Real Man’s Guides will give the unadorned, real-guy answers to the questions.  No BS.  Anyway, all that to say, that I really am thinking about this book….and despite my usual process of thinking a long time and then writing in one foul swoop (is that what that phrase looks like on the page?  I’ve never seen that in print before), I think it necessary to write down at least a few of the topics that I feel like I need to address.  I have read many weight loss books,  or at least parts of them….every one of them is too damn long (Do I really need a college-level chemistry class to understand that if I stop eating like crap, there is a chance I might lose weight?  Get to the tricks, and get on with it!—sorry, channeling my inner John T. Reed).  I have also experimented with myself (easy, chief) in terms of weight loss, and I have learned a lot on the way.  I am hoping this book will serve as an easy repository of that information.  In part, I want it for myself, because, see, I forget things.  Even simple things like “stay hydrated.”  That is a HUGE one in my experience of weight loss.  “Weigh yourself, even when you don’t really want to see the number.”  Things like that.

OK, that was just getting long and I felt like I should have a new paragraph….gotta love white space.  Anyway, I figured I should put something up on this damn thing, and I should really write down a few of the topics that I know I need to address…again, mostly so I don’t forget them after I gain back a few pounds and need to lose them so I don’t look like Dom Deluise in a wet suit when I do my next triathlon.  That’s right, bitches….triathlon.  That is how my skinny-ass rolls these days.

A few things to address:

Never miss a good chance to pee…or, staying hydrated

How to stop a Pig Out in progress

What to do after a Pig Out (even if you didn’t stop it in progress)

The numbers don’t lie: weighing yourself (when, how often, averaging)

How to map out your progress to your goal, and how long it will take to get there

Weight Loss mindset (parallels to getting out of credit card debt)

Do I have to eat like this forever?

Cholesterol and stuff

Exercise and weight loss (playing good defense vs. offense…..remember: offense wins games, defense wins superbowls)

Connecting with reality: logging your food (how big is a serving anyway?)

1000 free calories a day….everything else is a vegetable (except one serving of fruit and one serving of meat)


OK….that’s all I got for now…..time to go put on my tweed jacket and be a professor.






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