At Two Creative Digital Marketing, we have a specific definition of Branding, Advertising and Marketing that may be a little different than what you’re used to.


We see Branding as your company’s identity – your logo, colors, fonts, style, etc. We don’t include any of the principles or beliefs of your business in Branding, because that comes with your message.

Think about it, You know that a red can with a white swooshy ribbon around it is Coca-Cola,  What you don’t know from that can is their company’s mission, their guiding principles, their workplace culture, or anything else in-depth.  

These are things you find out from their message, and Advertising is all about crafting the message.


It’s in advertising that we decide what your company wants to say to the world. It’s where we separate you from your competitors and articulate you unique value.


Marketing is what we do with the Branding and the Advertising. Marketing is all about finding, knowing, and understanding your audience. It’s largely what I call Audience Science. Marketing is where we learn who your audience is, what they want, and how they want it.

Proper Marketing involves a combination of psychology, sociology, data science, and logistics. If we do it right, your marketing efforts should set up your sales people to spend their time closing deals instead of prospecting for customers.

Want to know more about it don’t you? Well, use that form down there. Reach out. We’re ready.

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