Report: I haven’t kept up with daily records of my exact meals, but I can report about the last week and a half. Since 4/18/13 I have only had three sodas. I am still down to one cup of coffee per day and 1 to 2 cups of Goop Tea. I have discovered that ceylon cinnamon makes a world of difference as does adding a bit of real vanilla to the goop. I am still perfecting the goop recipe (and a version that includes a little rum for nighttime). I am drinking water or liquid sunshine with meals, and slowing reducing my consumption of breads. I snack on granola or alomnds and continue to increase my vegetables to include salads for lunch and two vegetable servings at dinner. I have also tried Quinoa and it is very tasty. I am currently experimenting with a combination of Quinoa and Goop as a morning cereal.  I have also lengthened my regular walks with the dog to add some exercise to the process.

Results: I weighed in this morning at 218lbs. That’s 7 pounds down from where I started. I have only taken heartburn medicine once since 4/18/13. I find that I have more energy and my moods are more positive. I also seem to recover from aches and pains more quickly than I used to. I do not have new cholesterol numbers, because I am in the process of choosing a physician closer to my office. Once I have that settled, I’m sure there will be immediate blood work.

I have found my weekly Skype call with Tim to be extremely helpful.  Speaking with someone who has been through this and who is personally invested in my success keeps me focused on the goal ahead of me.  This weekend I plan to tune up the bike and begin riding regularly.  Our AT hike is coming soon and I need to increase my exercise in order to be ready.

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